PhysioToolkit binaries for Sparc-Solaris

The programs in this directory were compiled using gcc 3.2 (freely available from this Sun-sponsored free software site) under Solaris 8 (SunOS 5.8) on a Sparcstation, from the WFDB software package, version 10.3.14, available here as a gzip-compressed tar archive of sources, and from the W3C's libwww package, version 5.4.0. These binaries should be usable under Solaris 2.5 and later versions up to and including Solaris 8; they have been tested only under Solaris 8, however. They include NETFILES support. In order to use the WAVE binary included here, you will need to have installed the XView libraries, which are included with Solaris 8 and earlier versions, but may not be installed by default.

If you wish to link your own applications with the WFDB library, see the instructions here.

Binaries from several previous versions of the WFDB Software Package are available here.