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1.6 A Note on Identifiers

External identifiers that begin with the underscore (‘_’) character are reserved under the rules of ANSI C to the compiler and libraries. In order to make the WFDB library as portable as possible, its own external identifiers do not begin with underscores (since otherwise they might conflict with external identifiers used by a standard library).

External identifiers beginning with ‘wfdb_’ are reserved for the use of the WFDB library. These names are used for functions and global variables that are intended for the private use of the WFDB library; your programs should not need to use them. You should avoid defining functions or global variables with such names in your programs.

External identifiers beginning with ‘WFDB_’ are used for constants and data types defined within ‘<wfdb/wfdb.h>’. Use these identifiers as needed in your programs, but avoid redefining them.

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